Sand Traduction

How I became a translator

My mother tongue being English (thanks to my New-Zealand background) I grew up in France, with a double culture, and two languages in our home.

I obtained a secondary school teaching diploma in English (1999)and worked for a couple of years as an English teacher. I have also taught English and French to adults (business classes).

I then worked for 10 years in customer services with an international sports company.

I also hold a Master in Marketing (I graduated in 2010 in the Ecole de Management Business School in Strasbourg - France) and the Diploma in Translation with the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London - UK) obtained in 2018.

Based in Strasbourg - France, I have strong language and editorial expertise.I am very familiar with the business world, in particular international trade, marketing, communication, logistics or e-commerce...

Here are my strengths: I am very dynamic and enthusiastic, I pay attention to detail and I must admit that shoddy work or inaccurate translations make me furious!

People have often asked me to translate documents, résumés or letters/emails, or asked me to proofread written texts, in French or in English. And I have always enjoyed it!

Some people find it tedious. Working on a text, reading it several times, over and over again, analysing it, correcting mistakes, finding the rights words may seem to be a daunting task... But I find it exciting! So I naturally decided in 2017 to develop my translation skills, in order to take an exam and obtain the Diploma in Translation (DipTrans), which is a high level professional translating qualification.

I think that a good translator should have a passion for words and for writing, and also be resourceful and curious about everything. A good translator should also know how to communicate openly, in order to identify customers’ expectations, and share information freely.

Vanessa Sand traductrice

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